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2021 10 17

Treasure Coast Square Mall (3 miles)

Nestled in the heart of Jensen Beach, Florida, Treasure Coast Square Mall stands as the premier shopping destination on the Treasure Coast. With its diverse selection of retailers, enticing dining options, and a welcoming atmosphere, the mall offers a one-stop shopping experience for locals and visitors alike. More

Retailers and Shopping Experience: Treasure Coast Square Mall boasts an impressive lineup of over 100 retail stores, ranging from well-known national brands to specialty boutiques. Whether you’re in search of the latest fashion trends, home decor, electronics, or beauty products, the mall has something for everyone. Popular anchor stores like Macy’s, Dillard’s, JCPenney, and Sears offer a wide range of merchandise, while smaller shops cater to niche interests and unique finds.

The mall’s spacious and well-designed layout ensures a pleasant and convenient shopping experience. With its modern amenities, comfortable seating areas, and wide corridors, navigating the mall is a breeze. The friendly and knowledgeable staff are always on hand to assist shoppers and provide a high level of customer service.

Dining and Entertainment: Treasure Coast Square Mall goes beyond retail therapy, offering a variety of dining options to satisfy every craving. Whether you’re looking for a quick bite or a leisurely meal, the mall features a range of eateries, including popular chains, casual dining restaurants, and fast-food options. From gourmet burgers to international cuisine and decadent desserts, there’s something to please every palate.

For entertainment seekers, the mall houses a state-of-the-art movie theater, providing the latest blockbuster releases in a comfortable and immersive environment. After a day of shopping, catching a movie is the perfect way to unwind and enjoy some entertainment with family and friends.

Community Events and Activities: Treasure Coast Square Mall is more than just a shopping center—it serves as a vibrant hub for the local community. Throughout the year, the mall hosts a variety of events and activities that bring people together. These events range from seasonal celebrations, holiday-themed festivities, live performances, and interactive experiences for children and families. These community-focused events create a sense of camaraderie and contribute to the mall’s lively and engaging atmosphere.

Location and Accessibility: The mall’s convenient location in Jensen Beach makes it easily accessible from various parts of the Treasure Coast. Situated near major highways and thoroughfares, it’s just a short drive away for residents of Stuart, Port St. Lucie, and other neighboring communities. Ample parking facilities and well-placed entrances ensure hassle-free access for visitors.

Surrounding Area and Attractions: Treasure Coast Square Mall is situated in a bustling area that offers more than just shopping. The nearby Jensen Beach Downtown District features charming boutique shops, art galleries, and a variety of restaurants, creating a complementary shopping and dining experience. Jensen Beach Park, with its beautiful sandy shores and tranquil atmosphere, is a popular spot for beachgoers and outdoor enthusiasts.

Beyond the mall’s immediate vicinity, visitors can explore the rich natural beauty of the Treasure Coast. Pristine beaches, state parks, and waterways offer opportunities for boating, fishing, hiking, and wildlife spotting. For those seeking cultural experiences, the area is home to numerous museums, galleries, and performing arts venues. Previous Article